Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to Middle Earth

Hi, I'm a high school student who loves to do art, write, and read. I'm really into the middle ages period and I love how J.R.R Tolkien portrays a time similar to this although with all the right fantasy classic elements in The Lord of the Rings series. Hence, the title of my blog. When I draw or paint, I mainly do fantasy style art such as elves, dragons, fairies etc. I really try not to make my art cutesy, I like to go for more of a realistic look, or at least my portrayal of one. I do a lot more art mediums besides painting, I like to sculpt, sew, knit, needle felt, bead, scrapbook, collage, and even build art; such as fairy houses. Part of my draw to this period of time is the clothing. I love all the elf costumes in the Lord of the Rings movies, I wish I was talented enough to create some similar pieces. I one day hope to have my own art/book/middle earth costume/cafe shop someday. Then I could dress up everyday for work. My Mom really helped start me on the adventure of blogging when she was brave enough to set out and face her computer fears and doubts by creating her own blog. I hope to eventually get some of my art pieces posted. I will eventually put some of them up for sale on e-bay and/or etsy. Thanks for checking out my blog. -Holly