Saturday, March 28, 2009

Treebeard and the Dragons

We like to call this guy Treebeard even though he does not really look like the "Lord of the Rings" Treebeard. He is a tree with a face, so the name stuck. I sculpted the nose, eyes, and mouth pieces with sculpey clay and put sealer on them so they would last outside. We can admire Treebeard from our dining table since he lives in the garden just outside our windows.

Treebeard has glow in the dark eyes and is attached to the tree by screws that were planted in the foil armature before I baked the pieces. The birds seem to think his mouth is a great perching place. My Mom wasn't to sure of him at first but she grew to like him .

I sculpted Treebeard around a year or so ago and he has enjoyed his quiet life in the garden ever since then.

I designed the pattern for my dragons then hand sewed them. The blue one is supposed to look like a Chinese dragon. He has wire going through his body so he is slightly flexible. I put buttons over his joints to make them a bit more sturdy.

The red dragon is a bit more traditional and he has wings. He also has buttons over his joints to help him stand up. Both dragons enjoy each others company and long sunbaths.
Come back later for more artwork!

Welcome to gnomington

This is my most recent project. This little village is made from sculpey clay. The little mushrooms around the village are made from glow in the dark sculpey. All the little houses are hollow and most of them have windows that open in the inside of the house.
The two tallest houses are about 3" high. (the mushroom and the log houses) The other smaller houses are only about two inches tall. There is a mushroom, a stump, a hat, a hill house, and a kettle.

All of the houses are separate pieces and so are the mushrooms. I can just see a little parade of gnomes marching through after a hard days work. One gnome was left behind to keep watch (he is sitting in front of the hill house). My favorite house is definitely the mushroom house, probably because I love anything with mushrooms.

Thanks for checking out my latest pieces of art.


This is Dobby the house elf. He is probably the biggest sculpture project I have worked on over the period of the last year or so. He was of course, inspired from the "Harry Potter" books. He is a bust, but he is life sized. He is made of sculpey clay then painted with acrylic paints.

I tried to put as much detail as possible in him. I made this sculpture almost as a memorial to Dobby who dies in the last Harry Potter book.

Dobby means well in all he does but sometimes it goes a little haywire. He is now much happier as a free elf then as a slave to a cruel family. He absolutely adores Harry for setting him free from his old masters and remains loyal to him for the rest of his life.

I personally think that my Dobby looks like he has maybe caused trouble and is now trying to apologize.

Thank you for stopping by to visit Dobby and I!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Fat and the Long!

These pictures are of some of my earlier sculptures from the past couple of years. This fairy is happy with her curves (although she gets into the chocolate truffles maybe a little too often). Her favorite hobby is baking and you can often find a large group of fairies having homemade tea and blueberry scones with her. She is made of sculpey clay and painted with acrylics and has a head of light strawberry mohair, she is holding her favorite treasure, a cats eye marble.
One of my favorite things about her are her little toes, I think they help give her character. Her wings are like velvety flower petals and are often admired for their bright golden color. I would like to get a lot more of my more current sculptures and drawings posted soon, this is just a sample so far.

This is the Worm family, they were inspired by the worm from the movie "Labyrinth". They are also made from sculpey clay and have mohair hairdos. The Worm family loves to go picnicking and can often be found enjoying soil sandwiches in mossy meadow. Mrs. worm is wearing one of her favorite pieces of jewelry, her pearl necklace adorned with a little silver bell.

As you can see baby Worm did not inherit either of his parents coloring, I think he looks like grandpa Worm. I hope to soon post more art. Thanks for checking out what I have so far, I hope you enjoyed it!