Saturday, March 28, 2009

Treebeard and the Dragons

We like to call this guy Treebeard even though he does not really look like the "Lord of the Rings" Treebeard. He is a tree with a face, so the name stuck. I sculpted the nose, eyes, and mouth pieces with sculpey clay and put sealer on them so they would last outside. We can admire Treebeard from our dining table since he lives in the garden just outside our windows.

Treebeard has glow in the dark eyes and is attached to the tree by screws that were planted in the foil armature before I baked the pieces. The birds seem to think his mouth is a great perching place. My Mom wasn't to sure of him at first but she grew to like him .

I sculpted Treebeard around a year or so ago and he has enjoyed his quiet life in the garden ever since then.

I designed the pattern for my dragons then hand sewed them. The blue one is supposed to look like a Chinese dragon. He has wire going through his body so he is slightly flexible. I put buttons over his joints to make them a bit more sturdy.

The red dragon is a bit more traditional and he has wings. He also has buttons over his joints to help him stand up. Both dragons enjoy each others company and long sunbaths.
Come back later for more artwork!


  1. Dear Middle Earth Maiden,

    I stumbled across your site the other day, I just love it. You are magic and I bless your creative spirit, please continue to let your light shine, you are inspiring.
    I showed my 13 year old daughter your site. You remind me so much of her, she is other worldly, beautiful and magical, just like you.
    My 5 year old son and I are going to make a faery village this winter, to put outside in the garden next spring, all inspired by you.
    Blessings dear one
    Let your light shine.
    Thank you,