Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome to gnomington

This is my most recent project. This little village is made from sculpey clay. The little mushrooms around the village are made from glow in the dark sculpey. All the little houses are hollow and most of them have windows that open in the inside of the house.
The two tallest houses are about 3" high. (the mushroom and the log houses) The other smaller houses are only about two inches tall. There is a mushroom, a stump, a hat, a hill house, and a kettle.

All of the houses are separate pieces and so are the mushrooms. I can just see a little parade of gnomes marching through after a hard days work. One gnome was left behind to keep watch (he is sitting in front of the hill house). My favorite house is definitely the mushroom house, probably because I love anything with mushrooms.

Thanks for checking out my latest pieces of art.

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