Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Fat and the Long!

These pictures are of some of my earlier sculptures from the past couple of years. This fairy is happy with her curves (although she gets into the chocolate truffles maybe a little too often). Her favorite hobby is baking and you can often find a large group of fairies having homemade tea and blueberry scones with her. She is made of sculpey clay and painted with acrylics and has a head of light strawberry mohair, she is holding her favorite treasure, a cats eye marble.
One of my favorite things about her are her little toes, I think they help give her character. Her wings are like velvety flower petals and are often admired for their bright golden color. I would like to get a lot more of my more current sculptures and drawings posted soon, this is just a sample so far.

This is the Worm family, they were inspired by the worm from the movie "Labyrinth". They are also made from sculpey clay and have mohair hairdos. The Worm family loves to go picnicking and can often be found enjoying soil sandwiches in mossy meadow. Mrs. worm is wearing one of her favorite pieces of jewelry, her pearl necklace adorned with a little silver bell.

As you can see baby Worm did not inherit either of his parents coloring, I think he looks like grandpa Worm. I hope to soon post more art. Thanks for checking out what I have so far, I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Hey Faerie Chick~
    I love your looks great!! You did awesome with the camera!
    XXX- Your Mama Elf

  2. I absolutely love the fat and the long fairy. She is my fav. All the detail that you put into her is amazing. Her posture and her feet are perfectly her. It helps bring out her character without saying a word. The girls also loved the worm family. They got a great giggle looking at the color and detail also. Of course kaysha loved the pearl necklace and kayara loved their eyes... We can't wait to see more of your wonderful creations. Love you lots sweety.
    Auntie cherish,kaysha,kayara oxoxoxoxoox